Java Developers Spending in Eastern Europe: Is It Worth It?

The total spent on IT globally has been steadily growing in recent years. Following the Gartner forecast, it’s projected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2023, a 2.4% increase compared to 2022. With these rising expenses, businesses aim to optimize their software development costs. One way to do this is outsourcing the dev tasks to other countries.

Eastern Europe is a top outsourcing destination in this regard. It’s especially true for Java development, considering the reasonable Java engineer salaries and high-quality services businesses can get in exchange.

If you’re hesitating about hiring Java developers from Eastern Europe, this post is for you. Explore the benefits of outsourcing to this region and examine whether it’s worth the investment. Learn about some minor drawbacks you can encounter to make a more informed decision.

Overview of Eastern Europe’s Software Development Industry

Eastern Europe is among the most popular regions for outsourcing software development, alongside Asia and South America. Numerous businesses worldwide acknowledge it for top-notch services, skilled specialists, and cost-effectiveness. This region’s IT industry has grown significantly over the past few years, with countries like Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria leading the way. Let’s get a more precise look into the Eastern European software development landscape.

Software Development Landscape in Eastern Europe

Speaking of the software development landscape, Eastern Europe emphasizes innovation and emerging tech. The most prominent niches include the following:

  • FinTech. There is a growing number of FinTech companies in the region and an increasing demand for software developers with expertise in finance and banking.
  • eCommerce. The eCommerce industry is booming in Eastern Europe, with businesses requiring software engineers who can build secure and scalable online stores.
  • Gaming. This region is becoming a hub for game development since many global companies outsource their game dev tasks here.
  • Healthcare. The region’s expertise in AI and ML has led to a growing demand for software developers who can build innovative HealthTech solutions.

Despite those growing niches, Eastern Europe is often seen solely as an outsourcing hub. The data from Statista proves this claim, showing that the revenue in the IT services market in this region is likely to surpass $11 billion by the end of 2023, with business process outsourcing comprising a large part of these profits.

Indeed, numerous software development companies in Eastern Europe offer outsourcing services. Following the data on Clutch, this platform lists over 3,000 software vendors from this region.

Cost Comparison Between Eastern Europe and Other Regions

If you’re here to consider your hiring options, most likely, you will be interested to know about the Java developer hourly rate in Eastern Europe. So how much does Java programmer make? Let’s compare the salaries in this region with those in Western Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.

Java Developer Salary Per Hour
Region Hourly Rate
Eastern Europe $10 to $30
Western Europe $20 to $40
North America $40 to $70
South America $5 to $20
Asia $15 to $25

Sources: Java developer Pay Scale,, Indeed.

Let’s also look at the Java developer salary range in different Eastern European countries.

Java Developer Hourly Rate in Eastern Europe
Country Hourly Rate
Poland $11
Romania $13
Bulgaria $10
The Czech Republic $35
Ukraine $26

As you can see, the hourly rates in Eastern Europe are favorable compared to other regions like North America or Western Europe. It’s mostly because this area has lower living costs and more flexible pricing models.

When opting for outsourcing, remind yourself of the Java developer salary Ukraine or in other Eastern European countries like Poland and Romania. You’ll have no doubts that this region is your best choice of all. On top of that, you can find other experts here, including for executive positions, and if you’re wondering what the CTO as a service cost is, we have another helpful guide for you.

Advantages of Hiring Java Developers in Eastern Europe

There are numerous benefits that businesses can get when opting for outsourcing Java development to Eastern Europe. Here are the primary ones:

Cost Savings

Cost savings might be the foremost advantage of hiring Java engineers in Eastern Europe. The average Java developers salary is typically lower than in Western Europe or North America, while the quality of work remains high. You also don’t need to pay for employee retention and training, infrastructure maintenance, etc.

Quality of Work

Java developers in Eastern Europe are known for their high-quality work and profound technical background. They undergo robust training and education, enabling them to deliver reliable and efficient software. Additionally, these specialists usually have extensive experience collaborating with top international companies in various niches, being more likely to meet your project requirements.

Time Zone Advantage

Working with Java developers in Eastern Europe also gives businesses a time-zone advantage. The region’s time zone is typically a few hours ahead of the United States and a few hours behind Asia, making it an ideal location for companies that require round-the-clock development support. That allows for faster communication and collaboration, resulting in shorter project turnaround times.

Cultural Compatibility

The cultural compatibility between Eastern Europe and Western Europe or North America is high, making it easier for businesses to work with Java developers in this region. Eastern European countries have a similar work culture to Western ones, emphasizing punctuality, professionalism, and attention to detail. That can eliminate misunderstandings and facilitate effective communication between businesses and developers.

English Language Proficiency

Eastern European Java developers tend to have a decent level of English. Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Lithuania are among the top 20 countries with a very high or high level of proficiency, according to the EF English Proficiency Index 2022. That’s why it’ll be easy for businesses to communicate with developers.

Disadvantages of Hiring Java Developers in Eastern Europe

While hiring Java developers in Eastern Europe has many advantages, it also comes with some drawbacks. These may include:

Communication Barriers

Language barriers can pose a challenge when working with remote teams. While English language proficiency is generally good in Eastern Europe, some developers may struggle with technical terminology or idiomatic expressions, causing communication issues.

Time Zone Challenges

While the time zone difference can be an advantage, in some cases, it can also create challenges in scheduling meetings and communicating in real time. That can lead to delays in decision-making and collaboration.

Differences in Work Culture

Even though similar in most cases, you may encounter some work culture differences between your country and Eastern European ones. It can result in misunderstandings and distinct work approaches that might not suit your company.

Limited Availability of Highly Specialized Skills

While Eastern Europe has a large pool of talented developers, some specialized skills may be harder to find in this region. It can lead to challenges in finding engineers with specific skill sets, particularly in emerging technologies or niche domains.

Though there are a few potential challenges, the advantages of hiring Java developers in Eastern Europe generally outweigh the drawbacks. By carefully considering potential development partners and establishing clear communication and collaboration protocols, businesses can effectively leverage the benefits of outsourcing Java development to this region.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Java Developers in Eastern Europe

If you aim to hire specialists from Eastern Europe, like a Java, FinTech developer, or other expert, it’s essential to consider several factors. Make sure you pay attention to the following ones:

Project Requirements

The first thing you don’t want to miss is your project requirements. You should carefully outline them along with the expertise and skills necessary for your software development tasks. It will help you identify the specialists with the relevant knowledge and experience to meet your project’s needs.

Budget and Cost Considerations

Eastern Europe is generally less expensive than other regions, but costs vary widely depending on the developer’s experience and skill level. It’s necessary to consider your budget and cost constraints when hiring developers and negotiate the terms of the engagement accordingly.

Communication and Collaboration Needs

Any development project must have effective communication and collaboration to succeed. Setting up clear communication means and tools is essential to ensure the developers you hire are comfortable working as part of your team.

Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is crucial when hiring developers from any region. Understanding the cultural specifics and work styles of the developers you’re considering can help you avoid potential misunderstandings and conflicts and ensure a productive and collaborative working relationship.

Legal and Security Considerations

When outsourcing development work to another region like Eastern Europe, it’s critical to ensure you comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. You’ll also want to secure your data and intellectual property by working with developers with robust security protocols and measures on board.

By considering the above factors, you can efficiently evaluate potential development partners in Eastern Europe and identify the Java engineers that perfectly suit your project and business needs.

Conclusion: Is Hiring Java Developers in Eastern Europe Indeed Worthwhile?

Hiring Eastern European Java developers is a reasonable business decision if you want top-notch talent at a fair cost. Eastern Europe has a thriving tech industry, offering specialists with professional expertise, proven background, and a solid grasp of the latest technologies. 

Now that you know the Java developer consultants hourly rate, and the benefits and drawbacks of engaging such an expert from Eastern Europe, you can make the final hiring decision. If you’re looking for experienced Java engineers in this region, you may reach out to Squadrity, one of the leading Ukraine new tech startups. We’ll provide you with the best talent to implement your project ideas to life.


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