Comparing Android Developer Salaries: Regional and Industry Trends

Android has been the more popular phone system than iOS for many years. According to Statcounter, Android holds 72.26% of the market. It’s expected to remain the leading system in the future too. That’s why Android development is very important for both businesses and social activities.

No matter what field you’re in, you’re likely to use your Android device for work, like talking with coworkers or using special apps. Many people use Android because it’s cheaper than other devices. That’s why over 3.3 billion people use Android, as reported by DemandSage.

With Android users filling up most of the market, many different industries prefer to use Android rather than other platforms. Laravel development is also much cheaper, with a cost starting at around $20,000, and its open-source SDK is available to any developer to use. Businesses prefer using Android because of its flexibility and ease of customization, making it perfect for today’s changing business world.

In a world where technology is rapidly improving and taking over more and more of the daily tasks, it is a great time to be an Android developer. Developers are in a great position for job security, and with the need for businesses to digitize, developers are laughing all the way to the bank. This could not be more true for Android developers, as businesses are realizing that Android is the most widely used platform and because of this, investing in applications for the platform. Companies are increasingly looking for, according to Indeed, Android developers of any level, even inexperienced developers, are being recruited because of the high demand.

An Overview of The Regional Trends in Android Developer Salaries   

Android development is a popular career path in the software development sphere with millions of Android developers worldwide. With Android being so widely used, these developers are situated in different regions all over the globe; From Silicon Valley to Asia and Europe. And with remote working being more popular and acceptable these days, you can be hired from anywhere with a decent internet connection.

Salaries are a big cost to tech companies, and different regions offer different salaries. If you’re looking to hire an Android developer, you may be wondering: How much do Android developers make? The Android developers annual salary in the US is $126,847 and in the UK you will be paying around $72,000 per year. This is a big difference, which affects a company’s bottom line significantly, especially when they are taking on a big project and employing multiple developers. 

Where you hire developers has a big impact on your cost and should be an important factor to research before hiring a developer. This is why businesses are hiring developers from regions such as Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe has a very large talent pool, and their salary expectancy is much lower than in countries such as the US or Canada.

The main reason for the lower Android developer hourly rate is simply because living costs are lower in these regions. The plus side for companies is that development projects are easily done online, and the dedicated software development teams do not all have to be in the same location. 

Competition is another factor that determines how much Android developer earn. There are around 5,9 million Android developers and companies have a wide pool of candidates to choose from. This has led to lower rates, because people are willing to accept lower salaries to ensure job stability. Many companies have also found that they can hire developers from developing countries at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality. It’s a win-win situation for both the companies and the developers.

Developing countries have invested in their education systems, specifically focusing on the IT industry, which resulted in a massive influx of available talent from these regions. Let’s take a quick look at the monthly Android developer average salary in five different countries: 

Salary comparison Monthly Salary in USD
USA $10 422,50
Germany $4 868,00
Australia $7 632,84
Netherlands $4 919.00
Ukraine $614.00

Industry Trends in Android Developer Salaries

As mentioned earlier, Android developers can be found in almost all business sectors nowadays. The world of business has evolved in such a manner that all industries are reliant on developers in some form or another. Think about it, your favorite supermarket has an app where you can order online or check your accumulated points. You use an app most likely to book public transport tickets and even concert tickets. 

In today’s competitive business world, and around 213 million companies worldwide, a company that does not have an online presence in the form of a good website or mobile application misses out on growing and finding new customers. Having an online presence makes consumers’ lives so much easier and more organized, as they can easily shop around for the best deals, get information and find customer support all in the palm of their hand.

These amazing apps and websites are all developed by professionals and, therefore, most industries require these professionals to build these apps for them. The salaries for developers in different industries will also differ, as some industries need more advanced and experienced application builders than others. For example, the medical and financial fields need highly accurate applications.

Let’s compare the monthly Android developer salary in some of these different industries in the table below:

Salary comparison Monthly Salary in USD
Entertainment Industry $6 733,25
Healthcare Industry $7 684,33
Retail Industry $5 941,92

There are many factors affecting the variance in the Android developer hourly rate average in the different industries, and you will find that the bigger the company, the bigger the salary is usually. Some startups compensate their professionals very well, but with these companies, job security can be an issue. The information in the above table also indicates that industries such as Healthcare need more experienced developers and, therefore, the salary is normally higher than, for example, a game developer. 

Senior Android developers, as with any other career, will be compensated better than inexperienced junior-level developers. Experience builds expertise and the more experienced a developer is, the better their ability to take on difficult and complex development projects. 

Factors Affecting Android Developer Salaries

If you want to hire an Android Java engineer, there are factors that determine the rate you will pay. Let’s explore some of these factors:

  • Education

Education influences how much Android app development cost. Most people’s career choice starts with education and Android development is no different. There are several educational routes they can follow. Developers with a higher education, such as a Master’s Degree, typically have a higher income. 

  • Experience and skills

The more developers work, the more experience they obtain. With experience comes skills and companies are usually looking for employees that have the best skills and the most experience. Android developers with more experience and a high level of skills usually earn a higher salary. 

  • Location

The region a developer operates in will have a big impact on the freelance Android developer hourly rate they will receive. Most developing countries, such as India and Ukraine, have lower costs of living and as a result, lower salaries. 

  • Company Size and Industry

The industry developers work in and the size of the company employing them will be determining factors in the compensation they receive, with bigger industries usually paying a better hourly rate for Android developer experts. For example, industries such as the financial sector will usually offer more competitive salaries. 

  • Competition

With Android developers being in high demand, the competition in this career can be tough and developers have to stand out to be hired by one of the bigger development businesses. The high demand for these developers can lead to an increase in salaries. 

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