Is It Worth the Money to Hire a CTO Agent?

Every successful business needs an adequately formed staff of employees who will perform their tasks concretely. One such worker is a CTO agent who can provide the company with a high-quality result.

Who Is CTO Agent?

A CTO agent is also known as a “chief technology officer” and their main function is to control the development of the project and to provide the company with the efficient result. A CTO can also have other functions and tasks like analysis of the project and finding new strategies for developing a project. Additionally, a CTO is responsible for managing improvements and innovations in the project.

Importance of Technology in Business

Even if the company has the most talented workers with good skills, the employees still need a leader, who will help them to move in the right way. Without such a leader everyone will try to implement their own technology and in the end, they will get no result. A CTO helps workers to assign tasks and to solve problems that may appear during work.


A CTO agent is an important worker who provides the company not only with good results but also employees with efficient task fulfillment. They take on many different functions that are not just limited to controlling the project. They can provide workers with new technical solutions and strategies that will positively impact the project. Additionally, one’s CTO salary is often quite affordable for any business.

The Role of a CTO Agent

As it was mentioned before, the work of the CTO agent is based not only on controlling the project. They have many other functions and roles that are essential for a successful product.

  • Technical Expertise

A CTO is responsible for the analysis of the project and detecting any bugs. If such are found, CTO informs the workers and assigns the tasks to fix errors. Additionally, such an agent needs to analyze the interface of the project and its functionality to check its useability for future clients. 

  • Leadership Skills

A CTO is also a leader of the project who controls it and gives some tasks to employees. This role is based not only on controlling the process but also on assigned tasks depending on workers’ skills and workload. They help employees to move in the right way and avoid unnecessary challenges which can postpone the work.

  • Strategic Planning

The other role is based on planning the strategy of the project’s development and analyzing all possible benefits and drawbacks of all the strategies. To do it a CTO agent also evaluates the previous experience of the company and tries to take into account all the mistakes so as not to repeat them in the future.

  • Communication Skills

One of the main functions of a CTO is to communicate with other companies and represent the firm and all its projects. The main goal of such a role is to find new reliable partners to establish collaboration to get efficient results. They also communicate with possible investors who may become interested in the company’s projects.

  • Cost-Effective Decision-Making

They also provide the company with reliable decisions that will not only let one get a good result but also save some funds. They can inform you about the necessary and essential allocation of costs. For example, a CTO can offer to hire one of the offshore development teams that will help to realize the project.

Benefits of Hiring a CTO Agent

There are lots of pros to hiring a reliable CTO agent like the average CTO salary as one’s head of technology salary is often quite affordable. Additionally, there are some other essential benefits. So, before you start looking for “chief technical officer salary” in your search engine, you should also get familiar with some of them.

  • Enhanced Technical Capabilities

A CTO can often provide a developer, for instance, a Magento developer, with new technical solutions and ideas, thereby showing them that their capabilities are much broader and have many ways to implement them. Also, they help to distribute responsibilities in such a way that each employee is able to work specifically on their task and thereby contribute to the development of the project.

  • Reduced Costs And Improved Efficiency

A CTO can prevent some unnecessary expenses and helps to save some funds for future projects. Additionally, an average CTO salary startup may require is not always very high, and often CTO as a service cost is affordable for any business. So you pay only for the work of one employee – a CTO agent – to avoid some unnecessary expenses in the future. As a result, you save some costs for the development of your future projects.

  • Improved Product And Service Quality

The right distribution of responsibilities makes the total workload more possible to deal with so the employees can work more efficiently. For instance, if your employees have problems with developing your project, a CTO can recommend hiring a new specialist like a full stack developer to help them to do such tasks.

  • Competitive Advantage

The firm will get new strategies and ideas that make the company more competitive and even the high number of concurrent will not influence its popularity. And it also answers the question “How much does CTO make?”. As you can see, their task is not only to make a good product but to make it competitive in the global market.

  • Improved Customer Experience

A CTO analyzes and takes into account all the wishes of the customers and helps to develop the project in a client-centric way providing it with user-friendly functions and options. They also stay in contact with customers for ongoing product development.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a CTO Agent

There are some nuances that should be taken into the account like which one’s CTO salary Europe considers an average. But also there are some other essential factors.

  • Company Goals And Objectives

You need definitely understand what they want to get in the result and share these ideas with a dedicated CTO as they will base all the further strategies on your goals and objectives. You also need to remember that all your goals should be adequate as well as can be implemented in reality.

  • Company Culture

Every company has its own rules and culture that may or may not be suitable for new employees like CTO agents. That is why you need to consider them before hiring such a specialist. Analyze your company’s habits like daily meetings. If you used to arrange such meetings every day, maybe it would be better to make weekly meetings instead so the workers will be totally concentrated on their work. 

  • Budget

It is also important to analyze how much funds you are ready to pay.  One’s CTO hourly rate may base on their experience and skills but also depends on the country where they live. For example, in the USA average hourly rate is $287, but this is not the only standard price for all countries – in Ukraine, it can be $7-8. If you consider hiring an agent for a long period, you need to concentrate on one’s CTO annual salary instead. 

  • Experience And Expertise Of The CTO Agent

If you have some doubts hiring a CTO agent, remember about all the advantages of recruiting such a worker. According to Forbes CTO agents are one of the best strategies for business development. They save you lots of time doing various tasks and basically are the “face” of the company, which represents its advantages and perspectives. Additionally, according to 365 Data Science, CTO agents usually have rich experience as they often work in various fields like the financial sphere and IT – 17.02% or healthcare – 12.7%. They also take part in developing education – 10.64% – and work with computer software – 8.51%.

  • Leadership style

You also need to think about your type of company management. An important part of working with a CTO agent is the redistribution of responsibilities, so that part of your tasks, namely negotiating with partners and presenting your company, will be taken over by the agent. You need to consider CTO as your partner, not just a worker who needs to do the list of duties.


As it can be summoned up, the best strategy for business development is hiring a dedicated CTO specialist. They will not only do their best to realize the project but will also do lots of other functions like communication with the partners and possible investors.

Additionally, one’s CTO service cost is usually quite affordable and lets to avoid some expenses in the future providing you with high-quality results. All these facts speak in favor of the fact that hiring a CTO agent positively affects not only the development of the project but also the company in general.


Emma Kostyukovic

Emma Kostyukovic is a driven and knowledgeable Information technology expert. She serves as a Content Manager at Squadrity, info portal about top IT companies in Ukraine in various categories. Emma is current on the new trends in the areas of software, agile project management and product growth hacking. She regularly posts her insights online to assist tech startups and companies in staying up-to-date.