15 Ukrainian Java Software Development Services to Follow

This article will revise the perspective of using Java in Ukraine and globally. We will answer the question ‘Why is it still so popular?’ and ‘What to look for when searching Java software development companies?’ 

Java is one of the oldest languages on the market. It’s over 24 years old. Despite that, it has shown remarkable resilience and ability to develop even in the most critical situations, such as COVID-19. According to Statista, Java is in 5th place ( 35,35% of developers work with it ) among the most used programming languages in the world. 

On the one hand, Java reacts to world trends and adapts rapidly. On the other hand, it is stable and helps Java developers grow skills.  

Every year the demand for experienced Java software engineers increases. However, the supply stays the same. For the companies looking for candidates onshore, it’s quite a problem because of the lack of candidates and high costs. The solution is to find offshore Java developers. But where? 

Eastern Europe is the most popular destination for those who are interested in top-grade IT services. Poland, Ukraine (260,000 specialists), and Romania have the most considerable number of Java developers. The main reason Ukraine is so popular is its talent pool of professionals. 

Ukraine has about 50,000 Java developers outsource. Most of them are in their late twenties. 

In general, 400 companies provide Java development services. The most considerable amount of them is small ( among 250 ) or middle (approximately 120 ). Top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine offer you a wide variety of services in information technologies, medical, business, financial services, etc.  

What to Look For When Searching for Java Software Development Companies 

There are more than 7.2 million Java developers worldwide, and not all of them are the best in what they do. Here are some things you should check before hiring a company:  

Services they provide 

Prepare the table of functions and features you want to see in your application. Not all companies can fulfill your specific needs. That’s why you should be ready in advance. It will minimize the time.  

Also, a Java outsourcing company should have at least the primary pool of expertise, such as HTML, SOAP, JSON, CSS, and others. 

Industries company previously worked. 

Check if the company has experience in the same industry as yours. The more it works in this field, the better its expertise and the better chances to fulfill your needs.    

Portfolio and projects 

If you want to receive quality service, you should choose a company with at least three successful cases. And if you don’t see any of it on the company’s website, you should think twice before working with them or asking for a Portfolio. 

Ratings, reviews, and feedback 

The IT industry is an online industry. The company that provides Java development services should have at least a small media appearance on different social media ( Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Don’t be lazy and read some of the comments to form an opinion before the interview and prepare questions.

Why Collaboration With Java Development Companies in Ukraine Its More Value

Source: https://dou.ua/lenta/articles/language-rating-jan-2020/ 

Java is the second most popular programming language among Ukrainian software developers. First place takes JavaScript. C#, Python, PHP are going after.  

According to DOU research, 7,9% of developers want to learn Java next year. 

Source: https://dou.ua/lenta/articles/language-rating-jan-2020/  

Those statistics show us that developers are interested in developing their skills and willing to invest their time in it. 

Other than that, here are some reasons to choose Java software development services in Ukraine: 

  • Affordability: The salary of a programmer depends on his qualifications and competence. The average salary of Java developers Ukraine provides is for junior – $1500, middle – $2600, and senior – $4800. Which is lower in comparison to Canada, for example, where a junior developer earns as a Ukrainian senior developer ( $55,000 per year )  
  • Education and Expertise: As the number of IT specialists grows, the government has started to invest in their education and training. Also, the Ukrainian government creates an excellent environment for outsourcing development companies and SaaS technology companies.
  • Convenient location: Ukraine has a 2-3 hours difference from Europe and approximately 10 hours for the US. 
  • High level of professionalism and good English skills: Ukrainian specialists are trained not just to do the task but to think outside of the box. They are interested in building meaningful connections and long-lasting projects.

15 Ukrainian Java software development services 

1. Radency  

Radency Java development service

Radency works with Advertising and Marketing, Financial Services, Media, Medical, Real Estate, and many others. They provide software development, product management, and UI/UX design services. 

2. Kultprosvet 

Kultprosvet Java development service

Kultprosvet preferably works with middle-sized market companies. They provide web dev and UI services and build mobile applications for iOS and Android. They have a significant portfolio that you can check out on their official web page. 

3. Evne Developers 

Evne Developers Java development service

Evne Developers focuses on developing Startups, E-Commerce, Mobile apps, Web Development, and UI/UX Design.  

4. Frontmen 

Frontmen Java development service

Frintment is Software and Web App Development Agency. Credit Agricole, Cooker, DTEC, GSK, METRO CLUB, and others are among its clients. Currently, they want to take on new outsource projects and look for new clients. 

5. HiTech Service 

HiTech Service Java development service

HiTech Service provides IT outsourcing services: software as medical service, emergency IT support, Software development, Customer Support, and others. 

6. DeepInspire

DeepInspire Java development service

Deepinspire has a lot of successful cases in different industries. They use a wide variety of technologies to be the best on the market. Among their clients are FinTech and software companies. They also provide UI/UX services. Company builds meaningful partnerships with every client.

7. Accellabs 

Accellabs Java development service

Although Accellab is a small company, it has an extensive experience in the market ( almost ten years ). They provide a wide range of services. You can follow their work on their website. You will see all the information to decide if this company is a good fit for you.  

8. Wild Web Art 

Wild Web Art Java development service

According to Clutch ‘Wild Web Art’ is among the top developers in Ukraine in 2020 and the leading mobile web development company according to GoodFirms. They mainly focused on helping small and mid-sized businesses in the financial, real estate, advertising, and marketing fields.  

9. Softensy 

Softensy Java development service

They have great expertise in FinTech and Digital Banking, IoT – Internet of Things, BRM, CRM, ERP solutions, Bots, and Machine learning. Nestle, PrivatBank, Eurovision Song Contest, Viber, etc., are among their clients.   

10. AMgrade 

AMgrade Java development service

AMgrade is one of the best in their field because: 

  • They are always honest with their client. They maintain a good relationship by conducting regular meetings and being transparent in every process. 
  • They quickly adapt to every change that may occur. 
  • They take off the result and project. That’s why they follow up on the project after a while.  

11. Fulcrum

Fulcrum Java development service

Fulcrum is a development company with an excellent worldwide reputation. They are among the most trusted companies according to UpWork, Clutch, Behance, and GoodFirms. They are transparent in the style of work and working processes.

12. Tallium

Tallium Java development service

Tallium has clients all over the world: Qievdance (Ukraine), Universum (Sweden), Kaiser (Ghana), Panoptum (USA), and others. The main fields of their work are financial services and education. 

13. Alty 

Alty Java development service

Alty is focused on providing services in the financial field for mid-sized companies. Among their clients are Monobank (the first mobile-only bank in Ukraine ), Visa, Mastercard, Concordbank, OtpBank, Raiffeisen Bank, and others. 

14. Rexsoft 

Rexsoft Java development service

Rexsoft is a custom software development company. They are a customer and result-oriented with an Agile approach to everything. They have a clear action plan that they personalize for every client.   

15. Codelions 

Codelions Java development service

Codelions work with different industries, from Education to Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation. They have clear process steps for everyone, and they use Agile methodology to create a product that will perfectly fit their customer.  


Despite different predictions, Java stays among the most used programming languages in the world. It showed its remarkable resilience and adaptability in modern days. To be on the same page with its users, Java each year posts updates. The desire to work with Java developers grows.

The Ukrainian market is filled with highly professional IT specialists and companies that are eager to help. By choosing Ukraine Java consultancy companies, you decide to save your money and resources; you select the best developers in their industry with fluent English and fast results.   

In this article, we’ve listed just 15 Java software development companies with a number of employees of less than 100. There are more of them in real life. The Ukrainian market of Java development services consists of mainly small and mid-sized companies. If they are not on our list, that doesn’t mean they’re wrong or doesn’t worth working with. 

The only thing you should stick to is your and your company’s needs. Everything should be personalized. 

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