15 Popular CRM Consulting Services In Ukraine

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been in constant growth since 2020. One of the main reasons is the pandemic that changed the perspective on the efficiency and usability of products. 

According to Fortune Business Insights, CRM technology will be worth approximately $128 billion around the world. This will make a significant step forward compared to 2020 ( $58 billion).

Companies and organizations that want to increase productivity, improve customer experience and make decisions based on data and not assumptions choose to work with CRM systems as fast as possible. For example, 20% of companies implement CRM systems in their work in the first two years and 23% in 3-5 years. 

CRM technology

Source: Capterra 

As we can see, Customer Relationship Management is crucial for the ones who want to grow their business. The next point on our agenda is to make sure we’ve chosen the right CRM system. If you have done that already and having some trouble, you might think of CRM professional services. 

Benefits Of Trying CRM Consulting Services

Working with a CRM system is a complex process that requires a lot of effort from various teams and departments. CRM consulting services are one of the most effective ways to work, and here is why. 

  1. Increase cost-effectiveness and productivity 

Hiring people for your in-house team can be time and resource-consuming during the process and even after. By choosing to work with CRM consulting company, you ask for professional support. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve hired a good person. 

  1. Start working with a right CRM platform 

A good start makes everything more accessible in the future. It is a base for every further development. If you choose the wrong CRM system, it will further cause a lot of trouble. As we all know, preventing the disease is better than curing it. 

  1. Recieve functional support and training 

After implementing the CRM system, you’ll need your employees to be fully aware of the functions of this CRM system. CRM developer will train your team and build a strong foundation for the development process.

  1. Get access to the best consulting CRM software and practices 

There are various CRM systems, and they can be built on different platforms. In this case, it is better to have a person by your side who knows his business. For instance, ASP.NET consulting may be a part of this process.  

  1. Data migration support 

CRM development team or a CRM consultant will make sure that data transfer is secure and safe. They put their experience and best practices to assure the best result. 

Types Of CRM Consultants And Their Roles 

There are two types of CRM systems: cloud and on-premise. The first one allows you to store information on a cloud, and in the second case, you store everything on your company’s servers. Also, there are a few types of a CRM software consultant, depending on the system and service they work with. 

Dynamics CRM Consultant 

CRM implementation consultant deals with Microsft cloud-based platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. It works with Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning, which work flawlessly in synergy.  

SAP CRM Consultant 

The CRM system is a part of ERP. It helps to improve the creation of future strategies and decrease costs. This CRM system includes a lot of functionalities, such as sales, marketing, analytics, and service modules. 

Zoho CRM Consultant 

Zoho CRM works with various businesses and fields, from marketing to finance. Zoho CRM consultant consulting with analytics, synergetic work of different departments, helps on the first stages with an implementation process. 

Salesforce CRM Consultant 

The most typical services that Salesforce CRM Consultants provide are integration, CRM customization, data migration, and consultancy. 

Quickbase CRM Consultant  

It is also a cloud-based system that is very simple to use. This software has various templates and components that make a start easier. It is also available for any mobile device.  

Why Foreign Companies Choose CRM Services In Ukraine 

People who want to work with professionals and passionate specialists reach out to the best Ukraine app development companies. Here is why you should look for CRM consulting partners in Ukraine: 

  • Cost-efficiency. The salary of a Ukrainian CRM developer is lower than in other countries due to the different costs of living. For example, an average salary of a consultant in Ukraine is $3,000, but in the UK, it is $5,500
  • Wide talent pool. The Ukrainian government is highly interested in the development of the IT sector in Ukraine. They establish various programs to make the work of IT companies more comfortable and simultaneously make the companies competitive in the global market. 
  • High level of professionalism. All of the specialists are focused on gaining long-term partnerships with their clients. In order to be competitive, they improve their skills all the time.  

Those are the main reasons to choose CRM consulting Ukraine. However, among other reasons are level of language (English proficiency), comfortable timezone, skills, and others. 

How CRM Will Simplify Business Process? 

  1. Improve the efficiency of daily routine  

CRM systems store all the necessary information in one place, which makes the work for all of the team members easier. All the tasks and actions are in one place. 

  1. Creates personalized customer service 

Why do the companies store all the information about their clients? To make their experience pleasant and productive. It helps to be on the same page with each other. 

  1. Helps to predict and avoid mistakes  

All the historical data saves for a reason. People analyze it to build strategies, to compare it to other data, and find the mistakes and the things that should be improved  

The Best 15 CRM Consulting Services In Ukraine

1. A11 Agency 

CRM consulting services A11 Agency 

Services: Social Media Marketing, Digital advertising, SEO, PPC Management 

Field: eCommerce, Business services, Education, and others.

Size: small and medium-sized companies.  

2. urSource 

CRM consulting services urSource 

Services: Back Office outsourcing, CRM consulting and SI, E-Commerce Development, etc. 

Field: eCommerce, Banking, Finance, AI, and ML.

Size: startups and small businesses. 

3. Innovation for Business (IFB)

CRM consulting services Innovations

Services: Mobile App Development, Web development, Blockchain, building CRM, etc. 

Field: eCommerce and eLearning, Blockchain, Healthcare, and more.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses.

4. Melbul

CRM consulting services Melbul

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Web design, Branding, CRM Consulting and SI, Content Marketing, etc. 

Field: eCommerce, Business Services, Advertising, and Marketing.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses. 

5. Silença Tech

CRM consulting services Silença Tech

Services: Blockchain, Custom Software Development, Web Development, CRM Consulting, SI, etc. 

Field: eCommerce, Fintech, Business Solutions.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses.   

6. CRMiUM 

CRM consulting services CRMiUM

Services: ERP Consulting, Business Consulting, CRM Consulting, SI, etc. 

Field: eCommerce, Education, Manufacturing, Financial services, and others.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses.   

7. 3.14 Agency  

CRM consulting services 3.14 Agency

Services: Branding, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, CRM Consulting, SI, etc. 

Field: eCommerce, Sales, Business services, and others.

Size: small businesses.   

8. SynergySoft 

CRM consulting services SynergySoft

Services: Custom Software Development, IT managed services, CRM Consulting, SI, etc. 

Field: Financial, Government,Energy and Natural resources, Media, Hospitality, and others.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses, enterprise. 

9. Xpand Ukraine 

CRM consulting services Xpand Ukraine

Services: ERP Consulting, CRM Consulting, SI, etc. 

Field: Financial, eCommerce and others.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses, enterprise. 

Microsoft is a main CRM consultant business partner of the company. It has an 12 years experience in the market. 

10. OntargIT 

CRM consulting services OntargIT 

Services: ERP Consulting, CRM Consulting, SI, BI and Big Data Consulting, etc. 

Field: Manufacturing, Automotive, Medical.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses, enterprise.  

11. UDS Systems 

CRM consulting services UDS Systems

Services: CRM Consulting and SI. 

Field: Informational Technologies, Automotive, Reak Estate, Healthcare, Telecom, etc.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses, enterprise. 

The company helps to implement various types of Microsoft products and provides educational processes for the teams. 

12. UpScale Ninjas 

CRM consulting services UpScale Ninjas

Services: CRM Consulting and SI, Application Management and Support.

Field: Informational Technologies, Business and Financial Services, etc.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses. 


CRM consulting services UAITLAB 

Services: CRM Consulting and SI, Web Development, Custom Software Development, UI/UX Design.

Field: Informational Technologies, Business Services, Consumer Products and Services, Media, Arts and Music etc.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses. 

14. DOIT Software 

CRM consulting services DOIT Software

Services: CRM Consulting and SI, Mobile App Development, HR services.

Field: Informational Technologies, Medical, Education etc.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses, enterprise. 


CRM consulting services CRMOZ

Services: CRM Consulting and SI, Application Management and Support, BI and Big Data Consulting.

Field: eCommerce, Automotive, Education etc.

Size: small and mid-sized businesses. 

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